Moving to NetBeans 4.1

I’m thinking of starting to use Netbeans 4.1 full time for my Java devlopment. In no particular order, these are the reasons why.

  1. It supports JDK 1.5 out of the box. Now that I use JDK 1.5 features, I wouldn’t like to give them up. Typesafe collections, enumerations, annotations. Without these Java would be a much weaker language.
  2. It’s fast. Even on old machines I’ve tried it on, it works well. I’ve used it regularly on a Linux desktop with 256M of memory and its still responsive
  3. Developing Web Applications is very productive. With the embedded Tomcat, its very quick to start Tomcat up and debug web aps by right clicking on a jsp and selecting Debug.
  4. Its got a good GUI designer. You can design your GUIs within NB easily and then see what they look like. Maybe this isn’t as powerful as the GUI builder in IntelliJ IDEA 4, but its close. However, the upcoming GUI builder, Matisse, looks very promising.