Adding Subversion Support to NetBeans 4.1

I’ve just installed the NetBeans module that allows me to access my Subversion repositories from within NB 4.1.

Installing is a painless process.

  1. Browse to the NetBeans Generic VCS Module page and download the relevant module (currently Subversion 1.1.5 and 1.1.6 available).
  2. Select “Update Center” from the “Tools” menu in NB.
  3. Choose to install a manually downloaded module rather than contact the update center
  4. Select the file you have just downloaded and complete the Wizard.

Once you have done this, NetBeans will install the module and you can start using Subversion. (NetBeans 4.0 seems to need a restart at this stage, but 4.1 doesn’t).

Once you’ve got support added, click on Versioning -> Versioning Manager and add a Subversion working directory to the list noting to specify the correct parameters for the Subversion repository.

You should now have support for the SVN commands from within the Projects tab in NB.