Subversion Support for NetBeans 5.5 On Mac

I’ve been trying to get the Subversion support working within NetBeans 5.5 on my Mac and have been getting the following error message when I try to access the repository:

NetBeans Subversion support requires Subversion executable!

Install Subversion 1.3 ( or later,
add it to PATH,
test by running 'svn --version' from command line, and
finally restart the IDE, please.

I’ve got the subversion client installed and can access it correctly from a terminal – its just NetBeans that doesn’t seem to like it.

After a bit of Googling, I came up with the answer. You need to edit the file and add a line near the beginning to set the path to include the directory Subversion is installed to:


Restart NetBeans and the Subversion support works!