Hibernate Is The Most Popular Persistence API

A recent poll on java.net is currently showing that out of 1488 votes, Hibernate is the most common persistence API with 30.2% of the votes, whereas JDBC only has 11.3% of the votes.

Its interesting and encouraging to see the number of people using EJB3 persistence is 18.6% This is encouraging given the short time that EJB3 has been available and also the limited number of app servers that support EJB3.

I’m surprised (but pleased) that the number of people using JDBC is relatively low. There is often the impression that JDBC is easier to develop with than ORM solutions such as Hibernate or EJB3 – this isn’t something I generally agree with. Hopefully as Java Enterprise Edition 5 gets more traction, the adoption of EJB3 will increase and developers will see the benefits it (and other ORM solutions) provide.