Trialling NetBeans 6

I’ve just installed the latest NetBeans 6.0 (M9) onto my Mac and I like all the new features.

The new Web Service Designer is pretty good although some have said that the UI does need sprucing up a bit.

The other main area thats improved (for me) is the editor. It seems a lot faster and I could quite easily use it all day.

I do have 2 issues though.

  1. Occasionally the editor will lock up and the cursor will vanish. The mouse still works, but whatever I do I can’t type anywhere. The only solution I’ve found is to close NB down and then start again. I imagine this bug will be fixed before version 6 is fully released.
  2. When running with GlassFish the editor is v e r y slow. Admittedly I’ve not got oodles or RAM on my machine, but I didn’t experience these problems with NB5.5. I’m not sure if this problem is because I installed the full (enterprise) NB or if its because of the new App Server supplied with 6.0.

Are there any memory settings that can be tweaked when starting up Glassfish from within NB?