Arquillian Testing Guide Book

John Ament has announced that Packt Publishing are now taking pre-orders for his new book, “Arquillian Testing Guide“. Both the book and the eBook are expected to be available in April 2013.

Arquillian is the testing framework from RedHat/JBoss that allows developers to quickly write functional and integration tests and test them against real components rather than against mocked or fake components. This allows more accurate tests to be written that can test an entire Java EE application rather than having only limited unit tests.

Packt Publishing describe the Arquillian Testing Guide as:

an introductory book to writing simple codes for testing java applications. This book will help you to develop richer test cases which can be run automatically while performing rigorous testing of the software.

Arquillian Testing Guide introduces you to Arquillians features and capabilities. This book will help you understand the mechanism of creating deployments and test against those deployments. The book begins with basic JUnit test cases beginning with an enterprise test case, which then go on to discuss remote testing. During the course of the book, you will also learn how to mix container and non-container tests into a single test case. By the end of the book, you will have learned how to extend JUnit tests to work with Arquillian and deploy them to a container automatically.

Pre-orders for the book can now be taken at Packt’s web site.