GlassFish 4 has been released - The First Java EE 7 Application Server

GlassFish 4 has been released today and is available for download from

GlassFish 4 is the first Java EE 7 compliant application server and supports the 14 new JSRs and 9 Maintenance Releases in EE 7.

The new server is available with a “Get Started Quickly” guide which details how to get, install and start using the GlassFish server. Much more documentation including, upgrade guides, development guides and tuning guides can be downloaded from the project’s Documentation hub.

Since this is the first application server to support Java EE 7, there will surely be many Java developers eager to download it and to start learning the new APIs. What are your thoughts? Are you eager to learn Java EE 7, or are you waiting for other application servers to catch up? Leave your thoughts below.