Java EE 7 Keynote and Breakout Sessions available On Demand

1 minute read

If you missed the Java EE 7 Keynote and Breakout Sessions for the new JSR’s included with EE 7, then you can now watch them On Demand.

The Keynote is introduced by your friendly host Arun Gupta (Java EE and GlassFish Evangelist) and features talks by Hasan Rizvi (Executive VP Oracle Fusion Middleware and Java), Cameron Purdy (VP Development @ Oracle) and Linda DeMichiel (Spec Lead for Java EE 7 Platform).

The Keynote runs just over an hour and includes examples and demonstrations of the new features in the EE 7 platform.

In addition to the Keynote, several Breakout sessions are available describing the new featres and JSRs available:

  • Java API for JSON Procession 1.0
  • Java API for WebSocket 1.0
  • Java API for RESTful Web Services 2.0
  • JavaServer Faces 2.2
  • Servlet 3.1
  • Expression Language 3.0
  • Enterprise Java Beans 3.2
  • Contexts and Dependency Injection 1.1
  • Java Transaction API 1.2
  • Interceptors 1.2
  • Bean Validation 1.1
  • Batch Applications for the Java Platform 1.0
  • Concurrency Utilities for Java EE 1.0
  • Java Message Service 2.0
  • Java Persistence API 2.1
  • GlassFish Admin Console

If you missed the launch webcast, or didn’t have time to watch all of the Breakout sessions, then this is an excellent opportunity to catch up.