OpenShift Users - time to update your rhc tools

If you use OpenShift, Mike Mcgrath is stating that there are some performance enhancements to the rhc client tools and its a good chance to update them on your system.

Users who have been creating scaled applications should now have a better experience controlling those applications. Particularly start/stop/restart type operations. Performance around production level/scaled applications are getting special attention at the moment so please do share your experiences with us –


The latest version of the rhc tools is 1.10.7. To see if there is a newer version available over what you’ve got installed, run the following command:

$gem list | grep rhc
rhc (1.9.6)

This will show the current version of your rhc tools that are installed. If you need to upgrade, this can be achieved as follows:

$ sudo gem update rhc
Updating installed gems
Updating rhc

If this is your first time installing the RHC tools, please run 'rhc setup'

Successfully installed rhc-1.10.7
Gems updated: rhc
Installing ri documentation for rhc-1.10.7...
Installing RDoc documentation for rhc-1.10.7...