Octopress flattr module

I’ve just created an Octopress aside that will allow you to easily add a Flattr badge into your Octopress blog.

Installation of the aside is very straightforward.

  1. Copy the files from the Github project into your local Octopress blog directory.
  2. Edit the _config.yml file and add a flattr_user setting for your Flattr user name, e.g. flattr_user=me
  3. Add the custom/asides/flattr.html aside into your default_asides
  4. Rebuild your Octopress blog

For example:

default_asides: [..., custom/asides/flattr.html, ...]
flattr_user: me

The code for the plugin is available on Github. If you’ve any problems with the module, create an issue on Github and I’ll take a look :)