NetBeans Darcula Theme

A new Darcula theme based upon the Darcula Look and Feel for IntelliJ has been released as a plugin for NetBeans.

This new plugin can be installed via the NetBeans Tools | Plugins option so there is no need to manually download the plugin to install it.

NetBeans Darcula Look and Feel

After installing the plugin, NetBeans needs to be restarted. Probably the first thing you notice after installation is that the editor window still retains the existing NetBeans colour scheme. The can be changed to a dark look and feel, for example, by using the Norway Today profile. After specifying this profile, you can customize the colours used within the editor window exactly how you like them, whilst retaining a full dark look and feel.

I really like this plugin. There are still some issues with it, for example the --fontsize NetBeans parameter doesn’t work with it, however that doesn’t detract from the use of the plugin which I now enable on all my NetBeans installations.