WildFly Swarm Project Generator

A few days ago, the WldFly Swarm team announced the release of the WildFly Swarm Project Generator.

WildFly Swarm Project Generator

The project generator allows you to select basic project properties (Maven Group ID and Artifact ID) and a list of dependencies for the project before creating a Maven project that can be downloaded and used from within your favorite IDE.

The list of dependencies is what makes this generator most useful to me. If you know the name of the dependency to add, or even a few letters from it, you can enter that in the dependencies field and the generator will automatically show the matching dependencies. For example, entering “rs” shows all the JAX-RS related dependencies.

WildFly Swarm Project Generator Dependencies

Once you’ve configured the name and dependencies for the project, selecting the “Generate Project” button downloads a zipped Maven project that’s ready for use and which can be run via maven by executing

mvn wildfly-swarm:run

The WildFly Swarm Generator is an excellent tool that reduces the barrier to developing with WildFly Swarm. If you’re a Swarm user, I’d recommend trying this out.