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  • Making Eclipse Fly

    When compared to NetBeans, I find that Eclipse is a lot slower, particularly when doing enterprise development. To try and speed Eclipse up, I’ve taken the JVM settings that NetBeans uses and applied them to Eclipse. The result is a vast improvement in performance. The default JVM settings in Eclipse aren’t optimal.

  • JBoss 5.0 RC2 Released - EE 5 Certified

    JBoss have released the final Candidate Release of the JBoss Application Server (JBoss AS 5.0.0.CR2). The next release of JBoss AS 5 is expected to be the final (GA) release.

  • Seam 2.1.0 Beta 1 Released

    The JBoss Seam team have released the first beta of Seam verson 2.1.0. Issues due to be fixed in the coming versions of the software, before 2.1.0 is released, can be found in the product RoadMap.