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  • Subversion Client for Mac OS X

    This question is probably asked a lot, but are there any really good Subversion clients for Mac OS X? By really good, I’m thinking of something along the lines of TortoiseSVN on Windows.

  • Security for JSF Applications

    I see a lot of posts around the internet by people asking what the standard mechanism for security is in JSF web applications.

  • Starting the Java DB in Glassfish

    I’ve been doing a lot of development in NetBeans 5.5 beta 2 recently using Glassfish as my target application server. When doing development, its often quite useful to use the Derby DB bundled within Glassfish. As you’d expect from a modern IDE, NetBeans makes this easier for you by starting the database automatically so you don’t need to...

  • Is Java's Date Hadling Good Enough?

    In his blog, Stephen Colebourne asks whether the Date and Calendar classes within the JDK are good enough or whether some other library such as Joda Time is a better replacement for date handling.

  • Spring Web Flow RC 1 Released

    Spring Web Flow RC1 has been released. Spring Web Flow allows you to capture page flows within a web application and can be used to build applications that guide users through a series of steps in a buisness process.