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  • An Overview of the new features in J2SE 5.0

    J2SE 5.0 has been available for download since the end of 2004. This new release included many changes and enhancements to the Java platform such as speed and stability. Additionally, some changes were made to the Java language itself. These fairly major changes made to the language are:

  • Setting J2SE 5.0 as the default on Apple Mac

    The new Apple MacBook Pro’s come with both J2SE 1.4 and J2SE 5.0. J2SE 1.4 is set as the default. If you want to make J2SE 5.0 the default JVM, open up a terminal and type the following:

  • Four Rules for NULLs in Databases

    There is an interesting article over on sqlservercentral.com that gives four rules for using null values in databases. Its quite an interesting read for anyone starting out with databases. The article is biased to SQL Server, but a lot of the article is relevant to other database engines as well.

  • Subversion Support for NetBeans 5.0

    I’ve just read an interesting post on the NetBeans User mailing list about enabling Subversion support in NetBeans 5.0.