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  • Four Rules for NULLs in Databases

    There is an interesting article over on sqlservercentral.com that gives four rules for using null values in databases. Its quite an interesting read for anyone starting out with databases. The article is biased to SQL Server, but a lot of the article is relevant to other database engines as well.

  • Subversion Support for NetBeans 5.0

    I’ve just read an interesting post on the NetBeans User mailing list about enabling Subversion support in NetBeans 5.0.

  • Sun Java Studio Enterprise

    Thanks to this post on The Pragmatic Architect I’ve downloaded Sun’s Java Studio Enterprise with the intention of using it for UML modelling. I’ve only played with it so far, but it looks like a comprehensive UML modelling package. I’ll post some more notes when I’ve used it further.

  • Are the Intel iMacs as good as Apple Claim?

    A few weeks ago when the new Apple iMacs were released, there was a flurry of activity in the blog space about whether the new iMacs are the perfect machine for Java or not. Since then, I’ve see articles that compare the Intel iMacs to their PowerPC brothers but not any articles comparing them from a developer point of view.

  • New Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (2000) JDBC Driver Released

    The new Microsoft SQL Server 2005 driver has been released and can be downloaded from here. The new driver is a type 4 driver that has been completely written from scratch and supports SQL Server 2000 as well as 2005. Accoring to MS, its been tested against Weblogic, Websphere, JBoss and Sun AS.