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  • Less 'Crap Code'

    I recently wrote about how developers don’t always clean up correctly when using databases after I read this blog.

  • Struts is Alive!!

    There has been a lot of talk recently about the demise of Struts. Its true that there haven’t been any major developments recently on the core product. However looking at the most popular blogs on Javablogs.com today shows that there is still a huge interest in Struts. 5 out of the top 6 read blogs are relating to the...

  • I Miss Dependency Injection

    I’ve just started working on a fairly small web application project that uses Struts as its web framework. I like Struts, its fairly simple to use and covers just about everything I need for my application.

  • JBoss and NetBeans 5

    If you’ve read my blog before (you do read it don’t you!), you’ve probably noticed that I tend to talk about JBoss and NetBeans quite a bit.

  • JBoss at Work

    Norman Richards has done a small review of the JBoss at Work book just released by O’Reilly. Reading this review, and looking at the Table of Contents, I like the sound of this book and will be buying it – unfortunately, Amazon currently says its out of stock.