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  • Swing good

    Swing seems to be en vogue at the moment, whereas not long ago it was SWT that was fashionable.

  • First Steps in EJB3

    I’ve just taken my first steps in EJB3 and started writing some small sample applications so that I can get up to speed on it.

  • JDBC Drivers

    I’ve just come across this tip over on devx.com listing JDBC drivers and their connection strings for many different database vendors.

  • Java GUI Builders

    There’s a lot of debate at the moment on the merits of GUI builders, in particular Matisse – the new GUI builder for NetBeans.

  • NetBeans Server Plugins

    NetBeans 4.1 has built in support for Sun App Server and Tomcat 5.5. There is also a Server Plugins project</a> for NB that adds support for JBoss 4, WebLogic 9 and WebSphere 6. The server plugins project is currently classified as experimental.