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  • Do you follow Project Conventions for Enterprise Applications?

    I was reading the Project Conventions for Enterprise Applications today which is published on the Java blueprints web site and wondered how many people follow these guidelines? Do you follow these guidelines, or do you let your IDE take control over your project structure?

  • Adding charts to web based applications

    I’ve just found this article (Adding Charts to Web-Based J2EE Applications) by Michael Klaene over on developer.com. Looks as though that could be very useful.

  • JVM Options

    Have you ever wondered what all the differrent JVM options mean? If so, then follow the link below.

  • Jackcess

    I’ve just found this library Jackcess) thats capable of reading and writing MS Access MDB databases. What’s more, its a pure Java library.

  • Hibernate 3.0 final released

    The latest production version of Hibernate (3.0) was released yesterday. According to the Hibernate web site, this contains minor fixes and some new functionality including two new database dialects.