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The WildFly team have announced that WildFly 11 Beta 1 is now available. This release is now feature complete.

The key highlights of WildFly 11 Beta 1 are:

  • New Security Infrastructure - Elytron
  • Simplification of JNDI and EJB invocation
  • HTTP/2 support
  • Out of the box load balancer configuration

Of these changes, the most significant is the Elytron security system.

Elytron offers a centralised security framework that can be used both by applications deployed to the application server and by the application server itself, thus providing a consistent approach to security for WildFly 11 users. Elytron covers both authentication and authorization.

WildFly 11 Beta 1 can be downloaded directly from

What are your thoughts on this new Beta? How does it compare to previous version of WildFly that you've used? Get involved in the community and leave your thoughts below.